Disco diffusion

Jupyter notebook

Brief description from Zippy’s Disco Diffusion Cheatsheet:

Disco Diffusion (DD) is a Google Colab Notebook which leverages an AI Image generating technique called CLIP-Guided Diffusion to allow you to create compelling and beautiful images from just text inputs. Created by Somnai, augmented by Gandamu, and building on the work of RiversHaveWings, nshepperd, and many others.
It’s magic. And also, free. (!)

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跳轉頁更新(新能力)| Updated Jump page (new ability)

更新跳轉頁|Update jump page


Make jump page able to jump to more site depend on address parameter/keyword

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Pokémon Go Type Effectiveness

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Clock for E-Ink Display


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Spotify 73 playlists

Spotify 73


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